AFM, STM, MFM/EFM, Conductive AFM, SPM in liquid, Environmental control SPM, Nano-processing...
BY Series SPM
High performance, Low price, Multi-function, and Easy Operation
Temperature and humidity Sensors are embedded in CSPM5500 system,monitor by LED.
A TipHolder-Liquid Cell system can be employed in CSPM5500 by which SPM in liquid can be achieved.
Magnetic Force Microscope(MFM) And Electric Force Microscope(EFM).
Graphical Nano-lithography,Nano-Embrassing,Vector Scan,and Dip-Pen Nano-lithography.
OpenSys Open SPM
OpenSys system is a platform for unconventional experiments or further second developments.

under construction

SPM Console 在线控制软件

SPM Console Online Software

Powerful image processing software for the various needs of scientific analysis
CSPM OSS Open System
OpenSys SPM system is known for its multifunction and full openness. OpenSys system is more a platform for unconventional experiments or further second developments than a routine detecting facility.
AFM Probes, Calibration Standards, Optical Microscope System and Vibration Isolation systems
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